Toastmasters Meet on 15th Sept ‘ 2009

It’s raining Entrepreneurs in Salt Lake Toastmasters Club and amidst of this rain our Sergeant at Arms Mukul started the meeting with comparing our club as a new start up organization. Welcoming guests has become a trend for our club and even today we had 5-6 guests. Our president-in-charge Nikita was also the Table Topic master today and she came up with a new concept {new for our club}. It was a story building session and each one of us participated in that. The story which finally came out had suspense, thrill, action, drama, emotions and lots of humor.


Before table topic session, I delivered my Project 4 and the title was “Snap Decision”. Very soon I’ll be coming up with a blog post on that. I complete my 4 projects in a short span of 2 months and now I have decided to take a break of minimum one month to improve on my speaking abilities. I have got so many feedbacks and I know I have to work on these constructive feedbacks now.

As it was the first meeting of Salt Lake Toastmasters Club after getting chartered we had a little celebration with cake cutting. It was chocolate flavored yummy cake {sorry to those who missed it}.

Looking forward to another fun-filled session.

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